Audio Mastering


CD & Vinyl Mastering Services

The final process in preparing an album or ep for release is cd mastering. This is crucial step for a number of reasons. The goal of mastering is to is to enhance the overall sonic clarity of a song as well as make sure that individual songs are level balanced to maintain a consistent sound and volume level. In addition correct mastering will ensure that your songs are set to the correct frequencies and levels for digital distribution and radio play. In the simplest terms cd and vinyl mastering is what makes a group of songs sound like a commercial released record.

What is Album Mastering?

Our experienced mastering engineer uses specially designed equipment, software, and speakers to access and correct problems within each song. During the cd mastering process there are many adjustments that are made depending on the musical genre, instruments, and mixed levels. Some of the functions the mastering engineer will provide include:

  • Adjusting Individual Frequencies
  • Balancing Left and Right Stereo Channels
  • Equalizing The Sound of Each Track
  • Compressing and Limiting the Overall Sound Level
  • Automating Compression and/or Equalization
  • Adding Dithering
  • Add or Correct Improper Fades
  • Set Spacing Between Track
  • Using Noise Reduction and Sound Restoration if Needed
  • Adding ISRC Codes for Distribution Rights
  • Adding CD-Text Information (Artist, Title, Track Names, etc)
  • Create DDP, BIN, or CUE Files for CD Replication or Duplication
  • Creation of a DDPi File Set and Master Disk
  • Creation of MP3, AAC Audio, WAV, AIFF & more