CD Design

CD covers designed for LIVE WIRE PRODUCTIONS. Each release was either a Jewel Case CD or Digipak with a booklet and re-mastered audio. Each job was manufactured by GZ Digital Media on a monthly release schedule with over 70 releases in total. Designs and final track listing had to be turned around within 24 hours for selling the product into distributors and wholesalers.

CD covers designed for ESCAPE MUSIC LTD. Over 150 releases over a 20 year relationship incorporating CD Design, Booklets, Digipaks & Magazine Advertising. 

CD covers designed for REAL GONE JAZZ and REAL GONE MUSIC. A generic styled cover design covering well over 600 releases. Each release was an 8 page Digipak with 4CD's. Also responsible for re-mastering this extensive catalogue of public domain material producing the finest re-issue catalogue and adding to the success of this company.